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Market Mentors

Matt Dodgson

If you’re a B2B Tech marketer and looking to level up your skills and advance your career, then you’re in the right place. In each episode you’ll hear from some of the world's best B2B Tech marketers about tactics, tools, case studies, wins, failures, hiring, interviewing and so much more..stay tuned..
76. Series 2 | Episode 39. 5 Proven Demand Generation Tactics to Increase Your ARR, with Adam Holmgren Head of Demand Generation at GetAcceptSeptember 20, 2022 Episode artwork 75. Series 2 | Episode 38 How B2B Content Marketers Can Elevate Their Impact Through Product Marketing, with Emily Dumas, Senior Content Marketing Manager at EvernoteSeptember 06, 2022 Episode artwork 74. Series 2 | Episode 37 A How-To Guide for Launching a Product Marketing Function in Your B2B Tech Start-Up, with Ashley Wood, VP of Marketing at LANDRAugust 16, 2022 Episode artwork 73. Series 2 | Ep 36 Product Marketing Metrics - How to Measure and Communicate Success, with Kirsten Jepson, Senior Director of Product Marketing at TELUS InternationalAugust 02, 2022 Episode artwork 72. Series 2 | Ep 35 Making a Success of Being a B2B Tech Start-up's First Marketer, with Pinja Dodik, Marketing Manager at SwarmiaJuly 19, 2022 Episode artwork 71. Series 2 | Ep 34 How to Set Up Marketing Operations in Your B2B Tech Company, with Emily Gravel, Lead Marketing Operations Manager at VMwareJuly 05, 2022 Episode artwork Mid-Season 2 Update From Matt DodgsonJune 28, 2022 Episode artwork 70. Series 2 | Ep 33 How Cognism Quadrupled its Inbound Pipeline by Shifting from Lead Generation to Demand Generation, with Liam Bartholomew, Global Head of Demand GenerationJune 21, 2022 Episode artwork 69. Series 2 | Ep 32 An Expert Guide to Event Attribution for B2B Marketers, with Jon Kazarian, Founder and CEO of AcceleventsJune 14, 2022 Episode artwork 68. Series 2 | Ep 31 How to Master Attribution and Improve Your Marketing Performance in the B2B Tech Sector, with Steffen Hedebrandt, Co-Founder and CMO at DreamdataJune 07, 2022 Episode artwork 67. Series 2 | Ep 30 What it Takes to Succeed with Product Marketing Today, with Ashruti Singh, Global Director of Product Marketing for SAPMay 31, 2022 Episode artwork 66. Series 2 | Ep 29 How to Win the Case to Start a Product Marketing Function and Make a Success of It, with Liza Collin, Strategy & Commercialization Director at VismaMay 24, 2022 Episode artwork 65. Series 2 | Ep 28 How to Start a Podcast to Build an Audience and Grow Your B2B Tech Company, with Tom Hunt, CEO & Founder at Fame.soMay 17, 2022 Episode artwork 64. Series 2 | Ep 27 How to Hire and Retain a Winning Marketing Team When Working Remotely, with George Kapellos, Regional Head of Marketing at DiDiMay 10, 2022 Episode artwork 63. Series 2 | Ep 26 Hiring and Building a Growth Team - A Guide for B2B Tech Companies, with Andrew Capland, Founder of Delivering Value and former growth lead at Postscript, Wistia & HubSpotMay 03, 2022 Episode artwork 62. Series 2 | Ep 25 If Your Customer isn’t at the Core of Your Content Marketing Strategy, You’re Doing Something Wrong, with Skyler Reeves, CEO at Ardent GrowthApril 26, 2022 Episode artwork 61. Series 2 | Ep 24 Why Event Marketing Should be a Key Component of Your B2B Marketing Strategy in a Post-Pandemic World, with Julius Solaris, HopinApril 19, 2022 Episode artwork 60. Series 2 | Ep 23 How to Use an Account-Based Marketing Strategy to Build Your Sales Pipeline and Drive Business Growth, with Leanne Chescoe, Senior Field Marketing Manager EMEA at DemandbaseApril 12, 2022 Episode artwork 59. Series 2 | Ep 22 An Exclusive Look Inside the Content Marketing Strategy Driving Hyper-Growth for, with James Scherer, VP Growth at CodelessApril 05, 2022 Episode artwork 58. Series 2 | Ep 21 The Secret to Start-Up Success? Focus on Building a Strong Brand from Day One, with Yoav Vilner, CEO at WalnutMarch 29, 2022 Episode artwork 57. Series 2 | Ep 20 How to Develop a Successful B2B Tech Marketing Career Based on Several Different Specialist Disciplines, with Laura Hauser, VP Marketing at GriffinMarch 22, 2022 Episode artwork 56. Series 2 | Ep 19 Exploring the Role of a CMO in Today’s Marketing Landscape, with Kate Owen CMO at UPPMarch 15, 2022 Episode artwork 55. Series 2 | Ep 18 What is Revenue Operations? Understanding the Growing Importance of RevOps for Businesses Today, with Lorena Morales, Director of Global Digital Marketing Revenue Operations at JLLMarch 08, 2022 Episode artwork 54. Series 2 | Ep 17 How to Develop Your Own Playbook for B2B Marketing Success, with Nick Roberts, Marketing Director at VeMarch 01, 2022 Episode artwork 53. Series 2 | Ep 16 A B2B Tech Marketer’s Guide to Finding Your Career Path in 2022, with Mark Larwood, Head of Strategic Customer Marketing & ABM at O2February 22, 2022 Episode artwork